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Living the dream
Learn to fly with Adventure Flight Training! We are a small, community-oriented recreational flight school based in Melbourne’s North West.
With three schools in Riddells Creek, Penfield (near Sunbury) and Moama (NSW), Adventure Flight Training offers customised training to help you realise your dream of learning to fly. 
Our Instructors are highly qualified, experienced, and friendly. For us, flying is our passion, and we value the friendships that are established in the process. We use a friendship-model in the way we teach you, working to your strengths and unique learning style, and helping you feel comfortable, confident, and safe as you develop this amazing new skill. We are committed to delivering high-quality training, producing highly-skilled, capable and safe pilots, and building lasting and meaningful friendships and connections within the recreational aviation community.
With the magnificent Macedon Ranges as our backdrop and friendly instructors guiding you along the way, there really is no better place to learn. So book a Trial Instructional Flight today...
… And start Living the Dream!
COVID-19 -  Adventure Flight Training school is open for training, based on the Victorian Government's latest updates. We are taking all necessary health and safety precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19. For any questions please contact Josh on  0401 633 317


Instructional Flight

A Trial Instructional Flight provides you with the opportunity to feel what it’s like to be a pilot. Under the guidance of a highly qualified, safe Instructor, you will have hands-on experience of flying a light aircraft and get a sense of what it’s like to learn to fly under instruction.

If this is your first flight with AFT you MUST book this flight type.

Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC)

The Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) is the first step towards becoming a pilot.


An RPC is the recreational Pilots licence issued under RAAus. 

AFT specialises in the training towards an RPC and additional endorsements.


Passenger and Navigation endorsement are 'add ons' to your RPC. It allows you to fly an aeroplane almost anywhere around Australia!

At Adventure Flight Training, many of our student pilots start their navigation training immediately after (or sometimes before) gaining their RPC.

Navigation training is a separate endorsement, so can be added to your RPC or RPL at any time. We also provide endorsement training for tail-wheel and formation.

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