For new pilots we offer a Recreational Pilot Certificate - RAAus. With a passenger and navigation endorsement, you will be able to fly almost anywhere in Australia.

An Exciting Journey...

Learning to fly is a pretty exciting journey, from your first flight with help from an instructor to your first solo, we'll teach you how to navigate with 'old school' maps and how to enjoy the integration of instruments and screens.

Once you gain your pilots certificate, taking your loved ones with you and sharing your passion with them is an unforgettable memory.

"Recreational Aviation is all about Safe, Accessible, Fun and Enjoyable Aviation."

It will take time and dedication, but at the end of your training you will have the skills and ability to fly all over Australia.

Become a Pilot

Adventure flight training offers beginner to advanced flight training for students as well as current pilots.


20 Hours Dual (package rate)

5 Hours Supervised Solo

Pilot License Test (typically 3 hours)

Theory Components, including books, maps, charts, RAAus membership, tests, theory


Total Estimated Cost including GST


$300.00(package rate)










Estimate Cost Recreational Pilot Certificate: RAAus

Pay as you go option