A Recreational Pilots Certificate is the first step to taking to the skies, but on its own you’re restricted to a 25 nautical mile radius from the Airfield. Once you’ve successfully been issued your RPC, you’ll likely want to expand your skills and add a Navigation endorsement so that you can fly almost anywhere in Australia. 
Adventure Flight Training’s Navigation Endorsement course will teach you how to prepare flight plans, enact lost procedures, develop arrival procedures, visually navigate and use maps and GPS tools to plan your route. AFT uses hardcopy navigational maps, charts and GPS to teach you how to develop and maintain your flight plans, check and revise Waypoint ETAs, and make corrects throughout the flight. During your training you’ll travel to various airports as you build on your skills as a pilot
You have your RPC and you’re endorsed to travel across the country, but flying is much more fun when there’s someone to share
it with.
Getting your Passenger Carrying Endorsement will allow you to take your friends, family and loved ones with you as you explore the skies. To get your Passenger Endorsement you’ll need to have logged a minimum of 5 hours solo flying time and will require an additional 5 hours to obtain the endorsement. You’ll then undertake a Check Flight by a qualified Instructor to verify the endorsement. Once completed, you’ll be able to travel almost anywhere with passengers to enjoy the journey with!
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