Adventure Trial Instructional Flight

Want to get a taste? This is for you...

$275 including GST

What you get:

Take controls for most of the flight

10min pre flight brief

45min flying lesson

The instructor will be available after the lesson to answer any of your questions.


$350 including GST

What you get:

Purchase a flying lesson for you and a friend. We will take your friend up after your flight. 

You each get to fly the aircraft for 30mins.

Beginners Flight Training Course

$930 including GST

What you get:

3 hours of flying

Free temporary membership to RAAus

3 ground theory briefing lessons

Emergency Procedure Training Course (for Recreational Pilot Certificate holders)

$600 including GST

What you get:

2 hours of flying

review areas such as forced landings, other emergencies, short field landings, strong crosswind landings.