Are you new to flying? Are you unsure where to start? A Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) is the perfect way to discover the joy of learning to fly. All of our Instructors are safe, qualified Certified Flight Instructors, who want to help you discover a love for flying and teach you the many pathways available to you to become a pilot.


With a TIF you’ll get 10 minutes pre-flight briefing and 45 minutes hands-on flying for most of the flight.  Flights can be booked any day of the week. You will take controls of the Aircraft during flight under the supervision of a RAAus Certified Flight Instructor. Your friendly Instructor will be able to answer any questions you have along the way. Please note that a typical booking is 1.5hrs, allowing you time to brief and de-brief after the flight.


Gift Vouchers can be purchased online using the following link. Payment of $300 is required upon booking. Payment is non-refundable but can be transferred to another booking in the event the initial booking is postponed.



TIF Highlights


Pre-flight briefing – learn the basics of how an aircraft functions and what is required to safely fly the plane


Start-up procedure - Following the checklist to initiate engine start up 


Taxiing - Movement of the Aircraft on ground from the parking bay to the runway in use


Take–off & Climb out - You and your instructor will take off from the active runway and climb to the circuit height


Departure - Depart Penfield or Riddells Creek airfield and head out toward the Macedon Ranges and surrounding areas


Straight and level - Clear circuit you will get to practice various flight sequences related to Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) training


Joining Circuit & Landing - set up the aircraft on approach for landing and demonstrate a landing 


A Trial Instructional Flight at Adventure Flight Training makes a great gift for someone who has always wanted to be a Pilot!

If you are new to AFT you must book this type of flight.